I mIsS yOu~ X dedication ~

I miss you . The sweet you,the guy that use to text me and say he missed me too . The one that called me every day randomly just to talk about the things on our minds. The one that actually put forth the time . The one that cared . Sure he was scared to express himself to me but at least tried .

The new you sucks ,couldn’t be friends even if we wanted to because I fell in love with you not knowing what to do about it . I went crazy and made a complete fool out of myself . You said it was okay but really you were overwhelmed by my love and thought I needed to get help. The old you would’ve laughed and made up some lame excuse and try to change the subject when I told you my hearts deepest confessions and that was fine because I’d rather that than loose the love of my life to a block button and a Strange attitude. True I probably scared you off but you hurt me still. You just flipped a switch and started acting different . Not in a way that would be for the better but in a way that made you typical a typical guy nothing unique just basic .

I miss you boo , I miss all the cute things we use to do like watch Netflix together even though we weren’t together . I miss how when ever I was playing music you would ask me to sing even though we both know I sound like nails against a chalk board. I really miss the way you looked at me like I was a grand prize . The way your warm hands touched my body and gave me chills . The way your soft lips made any bad day worth a smile the way you would pull me close when I’d try to walk away. The way you smiled at me with that award winning gorgeous amazing smile. The way you hugged me towering over me .The way you genuinely complimented me and told me I was pretty. The way your hands interlocked with mine ,the way they made me feel safe and warm I never thought it’d be you that has me torn inside .

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