From the freckles on your cheek

to the color of your toes

I see your worth

I love  the way your body curves and the way it doesn’t

I love the hair on your legs the stretch marks on your body

I love this smile you show this world

the way you walk with such grace I love your charismatic way of life

I love your crooked teeth and your back boobs

I love everything you hate !

Your funky dance moves

Your corny jokes

Your political stance

Oh how I love you

Even at my low somehow you rescue me.

When I feel less than

When I feel disgusted

When I am heartbroken

I promise to love you

I love the way you open your heart even after its been broken

I love how forgiving you can be

but above all my dear I love how you love

The greatest loves are the most Tragic, Chaotic, beautiful loves of time

here’s to self love


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