How Do You Know It’s over?

Have you ever went out with a guy, gave him your time, rearranged your schedule to see him ? Then when you text them they don’t respond ? yeah , me too.

Everything was going great then he ghosted me ?

Sometimes we are minding our own business when a guy pursues us at work on a walk on the side of the road. Then men intersect them selves in our lives only to not follow through. One time I was minding my own business and I seen this wonderful and handsome man. Later down the road after months of Hanging out and taking cute couple photos, falling asleep on the phone. We became a couple for a short amount of time 1 1/2 months. Why did we break up? you ask. Well my loves he stopped talking to me. Yup. Every time I called he was busy. Every time we texted there were huge gaps. Until one day I got him on the phone and he finally dumped me. You know its over when you aren’t communicating anymore. I did not make a fuss or cry while on the phone with him I waited until after because I did not want to give him power. I knew deep down inside it was over before he said it but I still tried to ignore it.

He Dumped Me Out Of No Where ?!

This guy I’m about to tell you about really broke my heart so bad that I gave up all men for 1 year. we met at a mutual friends party and I honestly did not even want to go but another friend made me. basically he came out of no where like most guys. we started progressing our relationship together we made it official and were together for 6 months and we talked (got to know each other) for 3 months. we also took photos but we were more serious, we met each others parents and went on dates. we even said “I love you” which is big for a relationship. everything was perfect honestly then all of the new puppy love, rose colored glasses fell off and I realized I always paid and he never initiated anything anymore and I always had to second guess him because he disappear for weeks at a time.You know its over when you can’t trust them.

7 Signs its over

1. No intimacy, no sex

2. Arguing 25/8

3. Bored / no longer interested in the other person

4. lack of trust

5. lack of communication

6. you feel you have to walk on eggshells

The ultimate one is

7. You just don’t feel right being in the relationship. Trust your gut.

If you are experiencing any of the 7 things mentioned above or share a similar story to mine know the end is near.

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