7 Free Quarantine safe Date ideas !

When you are young and broke you still wanna have fun! You just have to be more money conscious when spending.

I have decided to tell you about seven free fun date ideas that you can do with your partner and still be coronavirus safe. I know that all these things are fun and free because I have and still do some of these ideas so let’s hop right into it!

  • The first one is a picnic at your local park. You can never go wrong with this one because how many people have never been at a picnic and has great if you and the opportunity for y’all to spend time together. You can never go wrong with this one because not many people have never been to a picnic, so it unique. This gives you an opportunity to spend time together.
  • Number two Is an in-home cozy fort. This is perfect for couples who are quarantining together and want to make their time together special rather than just being cooped up in the house. This cozy fort is the most romantic, it’s very intimate and you guys can be like squished up together and eating snacks maybe watching a movie or getting ya freak on !
  • This third one is going to be a DIY movie night. What you’re gonna do is make some arts and crafts tickets, pop a bag of popcorn sip of fizzy drink and watch the movie. You can do this at your home or you can do this outside with the projector.
  • Now the fourth one is going to be out of the box… go to the science center. Its free ! There’s an aquarium inside they also have a beautiful touch tank. A touch tank allows you to touch the starfish and the eels along with the snails and all the other friendly sea life and you guys get to learn and see all of these amazing beautiful things together and now every time either of you see a fish or think about the aquarium or anything that’s related to science you may be thinking of them.
  • All right so the fifth one is also an unconventional date idea but it’s going to be to hop on the train or bus and explore a different part of your city. Now this one is so fun once me and my friend made it a goal of ours to ride every train line in Los Angeles. We did not finish but it was so fun and we had an experience that we will never forget in the end.

At this point I’m sure you’ve all realized that I live really outside of the box ! I like to have experiences, I believe that that’s what really makes the date. Not how much money you spend but really what do you do in that time. so now here’s the last two free date ideas that I’m going to give you.

  • The sixth idea is going to be a target scavenger hunt. I know I know this sounds silly but it’s really fun and it’s free. Basically you both have to find a list of items in target and not any list but the ultimate list. For example on the list it would say find a rubber ducky, a cowboy hat and three different shirt styles that are the same shade of pink. At the end whoever find all the items first wins and they get to have whatever you guys set up agree on within reason. That could be the next date you get to choose the dinner or if you guys never kissed you could be like oh if I win then I want a kiss.
  • Number seven is one of my favorite its definitely one of my top fives. A puff and paint. This one is for all my stoners out there find a nice view a park a beach a heel a mountain and light a fat bowl or a blunt or a joint and get to painting. It’s so simple yet very fun and relaxing.

These are my top seven free fun day ideas. Please let me know if you try any of these and check out some of my other blog posts.

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