How to catch up when you’re behind in classes fast

( and I am always behind… )

The one thing I hate about school is when you fall behind and it is so hard to catch up. I’ve been playing the catch-up game most of my life because I am a procrastinator, Class A professional procrastinator. I wait to the very last minute to complete anything because I always overestimate how much time I have to complete things. Sometimes I’m overly confident in my ability to complete the work in that desired amount of time (1 hour). Like my current professor assigned us these weekly PowerPoint‘s and homework assignments that we have to complete every week I never complete them until the week that they are due because I think that I have enough time that these assignments are not gonna take long for me to complete then I end up on my floor at 2 AM trying to finish assignments because I overestimated my time and my ability to do the work.

What are you missing?

I am now eight assignments behind in this class but this isn’t the first time that I’ve had to do this. So the first thing you want to do is collect all the assignments that you know that you’re missing and you still have a chance to turn them in and get points.

We don’t want to do assignments that we don’t know if we’re going to get credit for. All this does is make us wasted more time that we could’ve been doing on the assignments that we’re actually getting points for.

After you completed gathering all the assignments that are still eligible to get points and be graded for a grade together you are going to figure out which ones are priority. Now if you have an assignment that is due this week do it now do that assignment first because we don’t want to continue to be behind. You’re number one priority assignment is going to be your most recent current assignment. After that I personally like to start doing homework assignments that are the oldest so for me I started doing homework assignments that go deep back to October and September because some of those assignments had not been graded yet and I still had an opportunity to gain credit so I wanted to complete those first and get them out of the way and then work my way down to the newer assignments.

Another way you can prioritize your work is by the amount of points they are worth. So even if the assignment was due in October if it’s worth 50 freaking points and it hasn’t been graded yet or it has but you can still submit it on canvas I would do that assignment because even though it’s behind and I’m gonna lose points for being late its better than not getting any points for that assignment. Getting 0 points vs only getting 45 points for that assignment. you choose.

Timing & scheduling

Once you split them several different ways as you move forward you want to complete the assignments that are the easiest and the quickest to complete. The best way to get out of a school funk and catch up is … to start. Yup, just do your assignment your mind is powerful once you start doing what you’re doing and you tell yourself “Hey, I’m just gonna turn this essay in and then I’ll only have seven more left and that’ll be something completed” and you’ll feel accomplished and you will feel motivated to carry-on and complete more assignments.

Another tip is to set a goal for the number of assignments you would like to complete. For me personally in my class I’m behind on a lot of small short quizzes and they’re only six questions each so I said to myself what I’m going to try and complete two quizzes every day until I catch up, until I am caught up with my classmates.

The reason why I said two is because I have to move faster if I want to catch up to the rest of my class and get my assignments graded so that I don’t fail my class.

This is not an easy task to do specially if you’re a college student because things typically run a lot differently and they are not very lenient in college. If you follow the steps and are really motivated you can catch up and you will pass your class! Remember to turn in all of the assignments that you can still get credit for it is very important in order to pass the class.

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