How I lost over 37 pounds, with 3 simple steps

so if you’ve been following my blog you will know that from my previous blog post (How do you know its over) I had a very bad and terrible breakup with my ex leaving me in a pretty dark place. I didn’t realize it at the time but my depression and sedentary lifestyle was causing me to gain weight and fast! honestly all the weight just snuck up on me one minute I was average size next thing I knew all my over sized tops were no longer oversized and my jeans no longer required a belt. Don’t get me wrong I was never a size 0 but I had never been that big either. due to the break up I ended up finding and participating in some very unhealthy coping mechanisms.(what a year of celibacy has taught me ) my ex boyfriend immediately got in a relationship with someone from our high school and is doing everything I wanted him to do for me and I had to hear about it all the time. I was angry and not to mention an old flame seen me and he said “I used to want to fuck you but now I wouldn’t” he was literally laughing at how big I was. it was like everyone knew but me, I went to the doctors last year and weighed in a 201 pounds. That’s when I knew It was time for my lifestyle to change.

Progress pic from the 2nd month to December 1st

My journey started out as a revenge body goal to shit on everyone who made me feel like crap ! Growing up and even now I have body dismorphia my mom and grandmother always paid so much attention to my body. Everyday their were eyes on my body and everyday they called me fat. I was 13 years old 5’2 and 135 pounds. yet they made me feel like the blue girl from willy wonka chocolate factory.

This isn’t my first time trying to loose weight this is just the first time Ive been long term successful I am proud to tell you all that all that bottled up anger was very useful, great motivation. I used my emotions as fuel and now I am 160 pounds !!

  1. Change your diet !- The only way you’ll actually be able to lose the weight is by changing your diet. Your diet is 80% of the weight loss process exercise is only 20%. If you only do cardio you will never make it to your goal weight on time sis. I didn’t restrict my self or stop eating burgers and fries I ate the same foods but I ate them in a window of a few hours. I did intermittent fasting 16:8.
  2. Exercise- Body movement is very important you don’t want to loose muscles and get all flappy. In the mornings I like to go for a run I use this free app that helps me keep track of how many calories I’ve burned and how far I ran. Also it lets you set your daily steps goal and marks your progress.
  3. Take responsibility – You are in charge of this journey, keep a weight journal I have one in my notes app and write down your weight in. don’t do it everyday or week because that’ll only hurt you. I try to only weight in 3x a month. Always take progress photos. When I feel bad about over eating or missing a few work outs I look back at my progress picture and see that I’ve came hella far.

I know these seem like three broad steps and id be happy to make a more detailed post but for now these are the fundamentals that helped me shed this weight off, TWICE!

Take time out your day and do a 5 minute workout during your most energizing time frame for me its the mornings. Everyday I get up a 4:30am and begin my day with a 5 minute booty burn from Bailey Brown a fitness YouTuber. When you go to the grocery store buy healthier snacks. Try to cook more rather than eating out, processed food is unhealthy and will make your journey more difficult. change a little at a time if you need to but you need to start changing.

Ultimately if you want to start loosing weight and changing your lifestyle you need to be taking active steps towards that goal.

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