What it’s really like to go to therapy.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to go to therapy? Or thought man I’m really having these crazy mental images and thoughts and I think I really need to see somebody? Well that’s great let’s talk I have been going to therapy for 8 months now and it’s nothing like I thought it would be television definitely lied !

Number one. That comfortable chair that you always see people talking to a therapist in doesn’t even look like that my therapist office has a regular chair not a loveseat.

Number 2. They actually don’t solve your problem they give you the space for you to solve your own problems. I legit went to therapy because I was having a really bad depressive episode and I did not feel like myself and I made the decision to talk to someone about that and they recommend it to me that I go get tested for bipolar. That didn’t lead me to my therapist and she is super great, But I don’t always find her helpful and that’s OK I know that. I was going to therapy to look for someone to give me the answers and I found myself using my own brain to answer questions already knew the answer to but with another person there.

Number three. Therapy does not work unless you work and I say that because I go to therapy once a month and I also do Coke counseling once a week and call counseling is when you sit down with someone and you each give each other it doesn’t need an amount of time to be in a sex space and talk about whatever they want to talk about and discharge with them past traumas and triggers. I would not be able to really communicate or talk or be excepting of some of the things that I am up right now if it wasn’t for those things shining light on some not so pretty areas and work on them and even sometimes tell me how I can work on those things and let him giving me room to really think about that and reflect on that and that has been really helpful but if I had been very close minded from the jump I probably would not have been able to admit that I hated myself during that time.

Number 4. Therapy is not scary. Therapy I have found to be very helpful just because talking to someone anyone is always helpful especially when the problem is that you feel alone and empty and depressed.

Number 5. Therapist do not give you medication that would be a psychiatrist. When I started to attend therapy and I took my quiz for the bipolar and it turns out that I did not have bipolar but I had hi anxiety with underlying depression my therapist help me set up an appointment with the clinic psychiatrist who then asked me another set of questions to confirm with my therapist was thinking and then asked me if I would like to get on medication I personally said no because I don’t like the way that medication makes people feel also I smoke a lot of weed and I just don’t think smoking marijuana and being on like antidepressants is a good combination so that just wasn’t a smart decision for me but that may be a smart decision for you if that something you feel that you would need.

Number 6. Be free be honest and be real with yourself with your therapist with your psychiatrist figure out what you need what you want in those sessions because ultimately the sessions are happening so that we can get to the root of the problem but if you’re going to Lions beat around the bush you’re not gonna get better in therapy may not be helpful for you.

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