DIY Room Decor – Refurbish old furniture for under $20

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we feel the need to change. A random burst of “I need to change my life” the “I can do better” energy that leads us to dye our eyebrows and hair NEON  Fucking PINK! Yup, I did that too. 

Sometimes we don’t always want to ruin our hair sometimes we set new goals to give us something to work on or throw ourselves into our work. 

Perhaps even redecorating your space in a positive way instead of broken objects, shoes and clothes tossed everywhere because you’re having an emotional breakdown. If you are anything like me shopping does the trick! Retail therapy is real IDC, IDC, IDC ( la la la la )  Sure it breaks your pockets in the long run but you can’t deny it makes you feel good.

I don’t know about you but I’m broke! I definitely don’t have money to waste every time I’m sad ( which is a lot) So this time I spent under $50 on 2 simple amazon items that really switched up my rooms whole vibe. I live in a two-bedroom apartment with my mother and sister my room has never been my own it’s never just what I want its 50/50 (not complaining). Also, I had limits on what I could add or remove as I mentioned before I live in an apartment. I don’t drill anything in the walls because we are renters.

This is going to be a cute, easy, fun, cheap, DIY, that anyone can do in any place. Just making slight adjustments to larger furniture in your bedroom can change something from basic to luxury. Take my old white dresser that was literally falling apart! I’ve had this dresser for over 3 years and the handles were giving out on me, screws were falling and the dresser had stains.

Items needed

Contact paper

New dresser handles

Before changing your handles make sure you measure the drill holes mine were 3’’- 3 ½’ I got mine from amazon.

Before starting

  • Measure the space between your drill holes Before changing your handles. Mine were 3’’- 3 ½’ and I got mine from amazon.
  • Research room Inspiration and pick out handles based on that or on what ever vibe your room gives you.


  1. Clean the surface– I used regular awesome all-purpose cleaning spray to get it as clean and smooth as possible. We don’t want any marking or lumps we could avoid.
  2. Unscrew old handles – Remove old handles using lefty loosey, righty tight method with the screwdriver.
  3. Put in new handles –  Again, using lefty loosey, righty tight method with the screwdriver place new handles on.

Check out the improvement from drag to fab yes! And it was less than 10 bucks

How to apply contact paper -from basic to bad bitch

To kick it up a notch, I added a black & grey marble contact paper (a giant sticker)  to the surface of my dresser which is why it’s important to have a clean flat surface if it’s to look right. I decided to use Contact paper because I knew I might fuck up! Its so easy to fix, just pull it up!

Before starting 

  1. Measure your surface (walls, dresser, pantry, etc)
  2. Cut out desired shape and amount 


  1. Peel back the paper part and apply evenly and slowly ( to keep smooth with no bubbles use something flat and sturdy to smooth out the air bubbles be sure it won’t rip the paper. 
  2. Make necessary adjustment ( reposition, cut off extra pieces)

Here is the final results ! I spent overall less than $25 dollars for these two DIY’s. Hope y’all liked this tutorial on cheap & Cute ways to decorate your room using DIY’s, all furniture isn’t dead sometimes you just need to add a little touch up. As usual if you try this out leave a comment. Check out my previous post –3 Wild tips to stay celibate. Until next time loves 🙂

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