7 Ways to wear a collared button down

Recently I have been going through a wardrobe re-vamping trying to figure out what my style is. In the process of taking quizzes and digging through my closet to see what I actually like and what was just trendy, I discovered tons of information about fast fashion (inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends) the problem with this is when the trends go out of style we throw out these once trendy clothes and buy more. All of this goes out into the landfill creating massive havoc of the ecosystem. Here is a video essay by Jordan Theresa who can colorfully breakdown this topic of fast fashion.

After watching her video I went down a whirl pool of videos on YouTube about what affect companies like pretty little thing and fashionnova who produce fast fashion are having on our planet. It was honestly very informative and depressing. so instead of buying my new wardrobe I am challenging myself to thrift those pieces instead.

I have always long adored the effortless minimalist fashion look. That is the revamped look ✨minimalism✨ you know the I woke up like this, fabulously put together with a snap of a finger look.

In honor of Trying to reduce my carbon foot print and have a more eco friendly and sustainable closet I am creating a capsule wardrobe (a capsule wardrobe is a wardrobe containing a certain number of pieces that you can create 10-20 outfits out of.) Having a capsule wardrobes is what I am told will help me look put together and will cause less stress when looking for an outfit.

unfortunately I went shopping before I learned all this information and bought a few pieces from Zara 1 of them being the infamous white collard button down shirt. It was pretty pricey but it has lasted me a few wash cycles and is still in great shape.


How to style a white collared button down

#1 Tuck in your shirt.


#2. Wear open over a tank or camisole

#3. Tie up I’m the front

#4. T-shirt dress shirt only no pants

#5. Wear it under a sweater !


#6 Rachel from friends look

#7. Off the shoulders


As you can see the iconic white collared shirt is indeed a must have. All these women’s outfits included this top and is giving off an entirely different vibe from preppy to classy to chill.

If you have yet to get yourself this top hurry up and treat yourself girl! Please remember to shop ethically and thrift some pieces if possible. With the internet these days you don’t need to run around and dig through big bins and racks. also Sale some of your excellent condition clothing and help reduce the impact that our consumership has on Mother Earth while also making a bit of money back. It’s a win win.

Comment down below you favorite style with this top and your favorite ethical brands!

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