7 Ways to wear a collared button down

Recently I have been going through a wardrobe re-vamping trying to figure out what my style is. In the process of taking quizzes and digging through my closet to see what I actually like and what was just trendy, I discovered tons of information about fast fashion (inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers inContinue reading “7 Ways to wear a collared button down”

3 Wild tips on staying celibate while dating

It’s been 1 year 2 months since I made a vow of celibacy and it’s going strong. I’m never gonna lie to you guys, I’m a very intimate person I move quickly to the sex part of the relationship may be because deep down I feel that’s how to keep them close around or IContinue reading “3 Wild tips on staying celibate while dating”

DIY Room Decor – Refurbish old furniture for under $20

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we feel the need to change. A random burst of “I need to change my life” the “I can do better” energy that leads us to dye our eyebrows and hair NEON  Fucking PINK! Yup, I did that too.  Sometimes we don’t always want to ruin ourContinue reading “DIY Room Decor – Refurbish old furniture for under $20”

Holiday Dessert- Betty Crocker Cookie Brownies

During the holidays we eat tons of sweet treats cakes, pies and cookies. This year Instead of making a traditional holiday dessert such as a ginger bread house or Christmas tree sugar cookies. I went to the store and bought one of the infamous Betty Crocker desserts for just $1.39 and it has rocked myContinue reading “Holiday Dessert- Betty Crocker Cookie Brownies”

What it’s really like to go to therapy.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to go to therapy? Or thought man I’m really having these crazy mental images and thoughts and I think I really need to see somebody? Well that’s great let’s talk I have been going to therapy for 8 months now and it’s nothing like I thought it wouldContinue reading “What it’s really like to go to therapy.”