How I lost over 37 pounds, with 3 simple steps

so if you’ve been following my blog you will know that from my previous blog post (How do you know its over) I had a very bad and terrible breakup with my ex leaving me in a pretty dark place. I didn’t realize it at the time but my depression and sedentary lifestyle was causingContinue reading “How I lost over 37 pounds, with 3 simple steps”

What a year of Celibacy has taught me.

Was it worth it ? Would I do it again? what did I learn ? why did I decide to be celibate ? Last year, I had an intense break up with my ex and it really hurt me. I hate feeling vulnerable and wounded so, I decided to send him a long text aboutContinue reading “What a year of Celibacy has taught me.”

How Do You Know It’s over?

Have you ever went out with a guy, gave him your time, rearranged your schedule to see him ? Then when you text them they don’t respond ? yeah , me too. Everything was going great then he ghosted me ? Sometimes we are minding our own business when a guy pursues us at workContinue reading “How Do You Know It’s over?”