Going through a break-up? Here’s, How to get over a break-up.

Ever go online looking up how to get over a break up and they give you the basic ass generic “block him” BS as if that is going to make you magically feel better? welcome to the real “break up guide”. I have been in several relationships and I have been in a hell ofContinue reading “Going through a break-up? Here’s, How to get over a break-up.”

7 Free Quarantine safe Date ideas !

When you are young and broke you still wanna have fun! You just have to be more money conscious when spending. I have decided to tell you about seven free fun date ideas that you can do with your partner and still be coronavirus safe. I know that all these things are fun and freeContinue reading “7 Free Quarantine safe Date ideas !”

How Do You Know It’s over?

Have you ever went out with a guy, gave him your time, rearranged your schedule to see him ? Then when you text them they don’t respond ? yeah , me too. Everything was going great then he ghosted me ? Sometimes we are minding our own business when a guy pursues us at workContinue reading “How Do You Know It’s over?”